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Make a solid mounting solution choice. 

The ELD mandate deadline is fast approaching for compliance. Fleet managers and IT professionals are searching for mobile device mounting solutions that will not only put their fleet in compliance but will meet the needs of their drivers. Too often solutions are chosen because of price. However, price alone is not what is important. Fit, form, function and the future are also important. We have seen many operators choose the wrong solution only to then learn the criteria for selecting a mounting system and a mounting system company.  


What are the criteria?

Fit. Properly holding the mobile device in place so it is solid to the touch.
Adjustability. The ability to position the device exactly where the driver needs it to be.
Secure. The mobile device is in a moving vehicle. It needs to stay where it is placed and not become a flying deadly object in the cabin.
Zero Vibration. The screen needs to be visible and easy to read. Vibration and bounce make it difficult to operate and view. All parts must be solid with zero room to move.
Future Proof. The mounting system should accommodate the device chosen today. But also the device to be used in the future – a purchase once decision.


Professional truckers require ELD mounting solutions that work.

Mounting solutions that allow the driver to position their ELD unit where they can see and operate it easily. It needs to allow the driver to position it into place and lock it in. No vibration. No compromises.

MGF Trucking by MYGOFLIGHT designs and builds iPad, tablet and phone mounting systems used in extreme environments. Since 2010, MGF has designed and built advanced mounting systems for pilots using tablets in cockpits of aircraft. These systems are built for extreme moving environments and to withstand significant G-forces. Vibration is minimized through the use of steel and aircraft grade aluminum parts. No rubber, no plastic.


Perfect for the aircraft cockpit. And now, perfect for the truck cabin too.



The easy choice

High-quality products. Aviation grade. Professional. However, while our customers really like our products, they are impressed every day with our extreme focus on customer service, quality, and responsiveness. We are accessible. We care. We know you have people to serve and to keep on the road. Our job is to help you do just that.


The Solution.

A set of three
interchangeable parts
form our solution.


1. The Device Holder. We built an all-aluminum adjustable Universal Cradle that can securely hold any iPad or tablet and is adjustable to accommodate a tablet in a case or even the next generation tablet of a different size. Future Proof. 



2. The Positioner & Attachment. The Device Holder attaches to a Positioner which is either an arm or swivel joint. Both allow for easy positioning of the ELD into a place viewable by the driver. The Positioner is fixed to an attachment that will be secured on the instrument panel in some fashion. Some are removable, others are fixed. All arms are infinitely adjustable in length & direction.


Flex Arm w/Clip AMPs Attachment


 Tilt & Swivel w/Clip Amps Attachment


Tilt & Swivel w/Amps Attachment


 Tilt & Swivel w/Panel Attachment



Flex Arm w/Panel Attachment


 Backing Plate for Amps Attachments

Backing Plate for Panel Attachments


 Flex Arm w/Suction Cup Attachment 

Suction Cup Base Plate


3. The Dashboard Attachment. There are custom Dashboard Attachments designed and built for all leading makes and models of trucks. They are compatible with all AMPs pattern attachments above.


The mandate states an electronic logging device (ELD) must replace paper logbooks to electronically record a driver's Record of Duty Status (RODS) to verify their compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) requirements.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) passed the ELD Mandate in December 2015. This mandate requires all commercial motor carriers and truck drivers to implement certified electronic logging devices (ELDs) to record hours of service (HOS).

Mounting Your Electronic Logging Device

To address those ELD cost concerns, the FMCSA has provided that smartphones, tablets, and rugged handhelds can be used as long as the system as a whole meets ELD requirements, with a hardwired connection to the truck’s engine.

Federal law not only requires drivers to implement certified ELDs. The law also states that devices must be mounted. Mounting an ELD has many benefits, including decreased costs.

Avoid Fines: failure to comply with the mandate's requirements will result in penalties.

Prevent Insurance Losses: distracted driving in a company-owned vehicle is one of the top insurance losses, averaging $100,000 per incident.

We understand that complying with the ELD Mandate is a large undertaking for most companies. We want to make it easier by taking the guesswork out of selecting your mounting solution.

Click here to explore the ELD Mounting Solutions we offer for Fleet Vehicles.

Non-Compliance Fines will cost you a base fee of:

$8,672 Per Acute Violation

Fines can be increased or reduced based on points assigned to different Subject Factors. Points are converted to a percentage which is added or subtracted to/from the base fine.

Key Things To Know

An ELD replaces the paper tracking used by many fleets. The ELD mandate is intended to benefit truck drivers and commercial motor carriers with:

Simplified paperwork

Increased efficiency

Lower fuel costs

Improved safety

All drivers who are required to keep paper records of duty status are included in the mandate. Exempt from the mandate are vehicle models dated 1999 or prior, trucks that are being shipped (cargo), and short-haul drivers.

Commercial motor carriers and truck drivers must implement certified ELDs by December 2017. Fleets already using electronic logging technology have until December 2019 to ensure compliance with published specifications.